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Ivam - alta tecnologia made in Italy

Produzione valvole di alta qualità

All parts are made with advanced machinery, using only raw materials of certified high quality able to ensure the best performance in all conditions.

Martensitic and austenitic, steels and special high strength alloys (NIMONIC) are used for the production of the valves, depending on the application. The processes used include surface hardening and alloy coatings based on nickel or cobalt (STELLITE).

To compensate for the different types of stresses (which sometimes vary significantly between the stem and mushroom), a combination of two different materials is used to manufacture the same piece (bimetallic valve). In these cases, austenitic steel or Nimonic alloy is used for the mushroom and martensitic steel for the stem, joined together by friction welding.

The valve guides are made from high quality bronze, sintered iron or cast iron.

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